Words of Life: Meditations from the Psalms

In 2012 I began reading the Psalms in Hebrew. Prior to that time the only Hebrew I had studied was some self-study in Japan way back in 1988. As I was also learning Japanese at the time that first attempt at Biblical Hebrew didn’t last long. I had to start all over again 2012 but this time I had a computer, The Word Bible software and special incentive – I was providing administrative and pastoral support to Christian workers in Israel. With them in mind I decided to send out quarterly devotions based upon reading the Psalms in Hebrew. Reading from computer is one thing but reading a language in the real world on the fly is vastly different. The test came in 2015 when I was blessed to lead a small group to Israel and visit some of the people I had been writing to! I found I could read street signs and recognize some words transliterated from English into Hebrew. The real test – call it a “holy trial” was visiting the Western wall of the temple and being handed a Hebrew Psalms and asked to start reading. Fortunately it was Psalm 1 ! In the Fall of 2020 I completed reading all 150 Psalms in Hebrew and devotions. 

Words of Life Psalms 1-12 This file contains devotions on the first 24 Psalms as edited in January 2021.

“Words of Life From The Psalms 1-150” This file contains the first edit of all the Psalms. 

Individual Meditations:

Meditation 2, Psalms 3 & 4: “The Lord Has Set Apart the Godly for Himself.” 

Meditation 3, Psalms 5 & 6: “The Lord Shelters Those Who Abide in His Ways.” 

Meditation 4, Psalms 7 & 8: “The Lord is worthy of praise.” 

Meditation 5, Psalms 9 & 10: “God is the Judge of the Nations.

Meditation 7: Psalms 13 & 14: “Deliverance Comes from Zion.” 

Meditation 8, Psalms 15 & 16: “Living in the Presence of the Lord.” 

Meditation 9, Psalms 17 & 18: “The Lord Vindicates Those Who Honor Him.

Meditation 10, Psalms 19 & 20: “The Lord is Our Help.

Meditation 11, Psalms 21 & 22:  “God Did Not Abandon the Crucified One.

Meditation 12, Psalms 23 & 24:  “The Lord is My Shepherd and My King.

Meditation 13, Psalms 25 & 26: “God Makes Hard Times Into Something Good.

Meditation 14, Psalms 27 & 28: “This I Have Asked From The LORD.” 

Meditation 15, Psalms 29 & 30:  “The Lord Restores the Broken Hearted.” 

Meditation 16, Psalms 31 & 32: “The Lord Vindicates the Righteous and Delivers From Shame.” 

Meditation 17, Psalms 33 & 34:  “The Lord Is Able to Get it Done.” 

Meditation 18, Psalms 35 & 36: “The Lord Hears Our Complaint.” 

Meditation 19, Psalms 37 & 38: “Give It Up To The LORD And He Will Deliver You.” 

Meditation 20, Psalms 39 & 40:  “The Lord Lifted Me From the Miry Pit.” 

Meditation 21, Psalms 41 to 43: “Hope in God.” 

Meditation 22, Psalms 44 to 46: “The Lord Demands Obedience Over Religious Observance.”