Collected Hayama Seminar Reports

Welcome to the collected works of the Hayama  Missionary Seminar.

The Hayama Seminar was a three day, two night gathering of missionaries and invited guests. Held in the first week of January, the first seminar was in 1960, the last one in 2002. The intent of the early organizers of the seminar was to discuss in a scholarly fashion the issues of the day. Papers were written, responses were written and animated discussions were engaged in. The papers and responses were made into books that found their way around the world into seminary and college libraries. These books are an amazing anthology, a kind of storehouse of Japanese culture, Christian theology, Bible teaching, missions theory, sociology, philosophy, Church history and many other subjects deemed worthy of discussion.

Some of the early Hayama presenters preached the Gospel in the age of rickshaws. Some presenters were interned in camps during WW II. Those early missionaries and guest presenters departed from this world years ago. Not many years from now those of us who were present in the final decade of Hayama will have gone on to our spiritual reward. My hope is the product of the Hayama gatherings will not be lost and forgotten, but become an enduring symbol of the sacrificial and faithful labor of generations of missionaries and Japanese Christians who never gave up on reaching out to the Japanese people with the word of Jesus Christ.

When my wife and I became part of the Hayama Seminar we had a recently purchased 486 running Windows 3.1. Most missionaries did not have PCs or the type of skill my wife had with Microsoft Word; she was asked to become an editor. The advent of the Pentium, Windows 95, CD writers and scanners gave me an idea: I could scan and release on CD the entire series of Hayama books! Task accomplished, a CD was released with low image JPG files of each page of each book. Then along came really good and affordable OCR software; I rescanned the books and converted them to Word documents and eventually JPG files for uploading to the Internet. Remember those who labored long and faithfully in service to God’s kingdom in Japan!

Rev. Lonnie Dufty
Hayama Seminar Archivest
August 26, 2017

Introduction to Hayama CD & Letter from a Founder

Hayama Missionary Seminar Reports – Article Listing (1962 – 2001)

Introduction to original CD and letter from a Founder

1962 hayama 1962 Book Title:
An Apologetic for Christian Witness in Japan
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
4-9  The Biblical Concept of the Christian Witness Raymond Hammer Witness, martyrs
10-28  The Gospel Confronts Paganism John M. L. Young Apologetics, inspiration, nature of man, Greek philosophy, Buddhism, Shinto, Japanese religion
29-39  The Gospel Confronts Human Government Paul C. Johnsen Government, Bible, Paul, Christ & Caesar, persecution by government,Church-state relations
40-52  The Gospel Confronts Pseudo-Christianity: The beginning of Apologetics Evyn M. Adams Gnosticism, apologetics, early church, Pascal, Kierkegaard
53-61 The Gospel Confronts The Enigmatic Japanese (Japanese Characteristics Which Condition Religious Response) Ian MacLeod Japanese character, relationships & sanctions, Karma, Japanese ethics, Japanese culture, Japanese psychology
62-74  Response to Gospel Confronts the Enigmatic Japanese William A. McIlwaine vertical ethics, “tate no dotoku,” social pressure, “inga or genin kekka,” “ryoshin”, Japanese society
74-100  Christian Apologetics In Japan: An Historical Survey James M. Phillips Meiji era through post war, leading anti-Christian writers & replies of leading Japanese apologists, Uemura Masahisa, Kozaki Hiromichi, Uchimura Kanzou and others, Japanese church history
100-112  The Christian Concept of Authority Vs. Japanese Patterns Frank Cole Authority of the Church, inspiration, theological relativism in Japan church, Japanese theology
113-120  Christianity Confronts Totalitarianism, Left & Right Hideo Aoki Occupation enforced democracy, prewar Japanese ideology, postwar nationalism, communist strength, Japanese history
121-128  The Christian Witness to the World Robert Wood Christian witness, de-personalization
129-141  The Finality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ Hugh Harris Gospel proclamation, Jesus as the Way
142 Closing Message (2nd Corinthians 3:18-4:18) Kenneth Mc Vety Christ manifest in us
1963 hayama 1963 Book Title:
Christian Discipleship in Japan
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1963 1-4 Report of Special Interest Groups John Hesselink, Kenneth Mcvety Small group discussions
1963 5-12 The Disciple’s Lord Raymond J. Hammer Lordship of Christ
1963 13-21 The Disciple And Other Disciples Gordon J. Van Wyk Disciple, relationships, Discipleship
1963 22-25 The Disciple’s Devotional Life Lloyd Neve Devotion, spirituality, Kierkegaard, prayer, Missionary spirituality and adaptation
1963 26-32 The Disciple’s Message to the Japanese Tucker Callaway Japanese monism/ polytheism, a-morality, a-gnostic, a-theistic, Buddhist spirituality, Confucian form, Japanese religion
1963 33-40 Bringing Disciples To Maturity Percy Luke Responsibility of minister, problem of backsliding, Japanese church, clergy and laity in Japan
1963 41-56 The Disciples Hope (includes chart of Jesus’ 2nd coming) Donald E. Hoke Christian hope, the future, eschatology, 2nd coming
1963 57-66 The Suffering Disciple Robert L. Ramseyer Suffering, persecution, pressures on Christians, Confucian ideal in Japan, Confucianism
1963 67-73 The Effective Disciple William A. Eckel Teach to limits of understanding, several Japanese examples
1963 74 Bible Study-The Sermon on the Mount Joe R. Gooden Sermon on the Mount, Biblical Studies
1964 hayama 1964 Book Title:
Communication of the Gospel in Japan
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1964 1-9 The Context of the Gospel William Bee Bible study, communication, Colossians 1:13-2:3, Christology, abc, Biblical Studies
1964 10-22 Communication In Biblical Perspective Hugh Harris Communication theory, theology, Bible
1964 23-31 Symbol and Word in Communication Raymond J. Hammer Communication, theology, images & symbols, limitations of logic
1964 32-40 Psychological Relationships in Communication Paul E. Johnson Communication, images, barriers, impact of psychological state, steps to open communication
1964 41-50 Communicating the Gospel in the Japanese Cultural Context William Woodard Importance of language learning, knowledge of culture no panacea, negative communication brings negative results, importance of “knowing only Christ,” ancestral rites and Christian funerals, Missionary roles
1964 51 Communication of the Gospel in Japanese Social Structure Henry D. Jones Social transitions, role of work in human life, Gospel
1964 0 The Dynamic Factors of Communication in Japan Evyn M. Adams World philosophical systems & communication, dynamics of Japanese communication, role of Sensei, role & identity of missionary, method of Christian communication , Missionary roles, Japanese culture
1964 95-101 Bible Translation and Revision as Techniques of Communication in Japan Ken McVety Bible translation in Japan
1964 102-110 Communication of the Gospel in Pre-War Japan A.J. Stirewalt Life and experiences in prewar Japan, impact of World War 2 upon Japanese, Japanese history
1964 111 The Holy Spirit and the Communication of the Gospel Joe Gooden Communication and the Holy Spirit, Spirit filling, , revival
1964 0 Communication of the Gospel in the Acts of the Apostles Bill Hinchman Survey of preaching in Acts, Holy Spirit’s work in speaker and in hearer, Biblical Studies
1964 159 Seminar Evaluation and Summary George Hays Summation of Hayama 64
1965 hayama 1965 Book Title:
Laymen in the Life of the Church
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1965 1-25 The Doctrine of the Laity Calvin Parker Bible, theology, laity & priesthood, ecclesiology, clergy and laity in Japan
1965 26-41 Laymen in the Life of the Church B. L. Hinchman Post-Christian era, brief survey of laymen in history,
1965 42-58 Laymen in the Pre-Reformation Church Lyle Petersen Early Church history, Roman Empire, Gaul, persecution, Waldesians, St. Patrick, Columba
1965 59-77 Laymen in the Post-Reformation Church Robert E. Fulop Church history, survey of role of laity in Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, Lutheran, Reformed, Episcopal and Free Churches
1965 78-86 Learning from Modern Laymen’s Movements Henry D. Jones Post-war lay movements
1965 87-102 Learning from Non-Christian Lay Movements Robert L. Ramseyer Japan religion, Miyazaki City, Shrine Shinto, Buddhism, “danka,” Tenrikyo, Rissho Kosei Kai, Soka Gakkei, Konkokyo, Japanese New Religions, clergy and laity in Japan
1965 103-115 Training Laymen for Christian Stewardship Gordon Chapman Japanese expressions for stewardship, Korea church patterns, Bible survey
1965 116-131 The Layman in the World Robert R. Boardman Role and limitations of laymen living in the world. Support needs.
1965 132-138 Discussion Group Summaries Various Lay leadership in the church, counseling, stewardship, visitation, occupational evangelism
1965 139 Seminar Evaluation (Summary and Critique) John Hesselink Questions & conclusions
1966 hayama 1966 Book Title:
New Life for the Church
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1966 1-15 The Climate of Renewal Edward A. Van Baak Renewal, Biblical concept of kingdom and covenant
1966 16-23 Leadership in Times of Renewal Ernst Lang Biblical leaders
1966 24-40 The Need for Church Renewal Verner K. Strom Areas renewal must touch, revival and renewal
1966 41-54 The Place of Prophecy in Revival Simon H. Baynes Prophetic tradition in the Bible, key areas to address
1966 55-65 History of Christian Revival in Japan Darrell Thompson 1872 revival–start of the Japanese Protestant Church and subsequent revivals followed by loss of fervor, 1930’s revival, 1953 TEAM revival, revival and renewal, Japanese church history
1966 66-80 Some Charismatic Emphases of Our Day Gordon K. Chapman Examination of Pentecostal doctrine of Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Biblical tongues & modern practice, Pentecostal/charismatic movement
1966 81-96 Problems of Church Growth in Japan Edwin B. Dozier Based on Japanese scholarship, philosophical, social and religious hindrances to Gospel in Japan, Protestant theology in Japan, church extension , church growth, Japanese church, Japanese theology
1966 97-112 Renewal of Church Leadership in the Japanese Context William Bray Institutional Church, comparison to new religions, seminary, desired qualities and struggles of pastors, Japanese church, clergy and laity in Japan, Japanese New Religions
1966 113-128 The Renewed Japanese Church and the World Mike C. Griffiths Little Japanese context, nature of revival in general, results of revival, excesses and persecution, examples, revival and renewal, Japanese church
1966 129 Summary & Evaluation Lloyd Neve Summation of papers
1967 hayama 1967 Book Title:
The Mission of the Church
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1967 1-21 The Nature and Misison of the Church Richard B. Norton Covenant, witness, heilsgeschichte, Bible study, God’s plan , Biblical Studies
1967 22-33 The Mission of the Church in Japan Today J. Robertson McQuilkin Mission of the Church, priorities, problems, Japanese church
1967 34-54 New Theologies and the Mission of the Church Richard S. Taylor Progress of Christianity, theological mistakes, theologies, Japanese theology
1967 55 Critique of “New Theologies and the Mission of the Church” Ivan Fagre New theologies suggest failure of right practice
1967 56-70 The Local Congregation in Mission Charles L. Whaley Local congregation in O.T., N.T., and Rome, sense of mission, essential traits, barriers in Japan, steps to address barriers, evangelism
1967 71 Critique of “The Local Congregation in Mission” Addison P. Soltau Divine element needs to be remembered
1967 72-77 The Church Planting New Congregations Harold I. Johnson Immanuel Church, Rev. Tsutada, pointed critique of presented data, church planting, Japanese church
1967 78-94 Joint Action in New Town Evangelism J. Lawrence Driskill Group housing movement and outreach within housing projects, the world and Japan , evangelism
1967 95-112 The Foreign Missionary in the Mission of the Church Alden E. Matthews Calling, missionary, cost of commitment, crisis in personal ministry , Missionary spirituality and adaptation
1967 113-118 The Church’s Mission and Political and Social Issues Harvey A. Smit Church and social issues, Japanese Christians as outsiders, political tradition, development of intellectual classes, intellectuals as outsiders, “tenko,” Sokagakkai as insider, idealism vs. realism , Church-state relations in Japan
1967 119-141 The Healing Ministry in the Mission of the Church Clark B. Offner Healing & religion, healing in Jesus’ ministry and in church history, healing in Japan, contextualization
1967 142 Summary and Evaluation of the Seminar Gordon K. Chapman 14 page summary
1968 hayama 1968 Book Title:
By What Authority
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1968 5-12 By What Authority Are We Doing These Things? Frank Bickerton Spiritual authority and opposition
1968 13-39 The Authority of Christ, Authority of the Scriptures John Hesselink Bible study related to authority of Christ and the Bible which testifies of Him, Biblical Studies
1968 40 Authority in Traditionalism Christopher L. Webber Survey of tradition in Church history
1968 0 Authority as Expressed in Confessionalism Thomas Coates Lutheran confession, symbols, creeds
1968 80-107 Authority as Expressed in the Free Church Carl C. Beck Church history, birth of the Free Church, persecutions and martyrs, rejection of tradition, Scripture only
1968 108-127 Authority and Science Donald Worth Difficulty of definitions, assumptions of science, criteria for accepting explanations, impact and limitations, science and technology
1968 128-141 Authority in Rissho Koseikai Kenneth J. Dale Rissho Koseikai, Japanese new religions, Nichiren Buddhism, authority, Ikagami,
1968 142-158 Authority in an Indigenous Church Otis W. Bell Japan church history, United Church of Christ in Japan, interpreting Christ to the people, autonomy, common confession
1968 159 Christian Authority and the Missionary Joe Gooden Good works lead to God’s word being heard, personal evangelism
1969 hayama 1969 Book Title:
Indiginous Church Processes
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1969 1-18 A Theological Orientation to the Problems of Indigenization Kenneth Heim Pluralism, nations, interdependence, church growth
1969 19-25 The Word Became Flesh Mac N. Turnage The incarnation, John 1:14, grace: aggressive goodness
1969 26-36 Yaweh–The King of Early Israel Barry L. Ross Israel as Yaweh’s Vassal
1969 37-52 The Indigenous Criteria Underlying the Establishment of the Church in Corinth A.D. Hammond Criteria identified with starting Corinthian church, Biblical Studies, contextualization
1969 53-70 The Donatist Protest Robert E. Fulop North Africa Church, history, Donatism, Persecution, traditors, martyrdom, syncretism
1969 71-83 The Challenge of Contemporary Japanese Society Naoyuki Yagyu Church history, cultural values, religious patterns, , contextualization
1969 84-94 God at Work Outside the Church Jim Gittings Youth unrest, Indonesia, state oppression
1969 95-109 Concrete Expressions of the Indigenous Church Henry Ayabe Missionary way, rigidity of Japanese society, churches, discipline & responsibility, Japanese church, contextualization
1969 110-119 The Non-Indigenous in the Indigenous Church Peyton L. Palmore III Non-indigenous as transcendent, accommodation as less than ideal , Japanese church, contextualization
1969 120 Summary of Seminar Mac N. Turnage Church-society stress & missionary-church stress commented upon
1970 hayama 1970 Book Title:
The Christian’s Responsibility in Political Affairs in Japan
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1970 1-21 The Christian and Revolution–A Theological Orientation Harvey A. Smit Theology of revolution, politics, revolution, social issues, use of force, Church-state relations in Japan
1970 22-42 The Sovereignty of God and Christian Responsibility Leroy Seat Yahweh as king, O.T. survey, doctrinal implications, Christian responsibility, Biblical Studies
1970 43-59 The Relationship of Church and State Mark Maxey New Testament church -state relationship, after Constantine, power issues, Biblical citations, Church-state relations in Japan
1970 60-74 The Church’s Approach to Political Issues Cyril H. Powles Politics a reality of human life, faith by nature political, Christians’ politics in history, Christians in Japan, missionaries and politics, Church-state relations in Japan
1970 75-85 The Japanese Christian and Religious Freedom James M. Phillips Kyoudan, Religious freedom, Christ and Culture, historical survey of religious freedom in Japan, Japanese religions, need for theological evaluation of Japanese culture by Japanese Christians, Church-state relations in Japan
1970 86-95 Japanese Christians and Peace Constitution Bartholomew K. Takeuchi Japanese “peace” constitution, Korean War, rearmament, churches indifferent to society after war , Church-state relations in Japan
1970 96-116 The Issues Implied by the Security Pact Alan N. Hoaglund US-Japan Security Treaty, Japanese rearmament and associated debate, nationalism, trade, Vietnam War, Okinawa, US Military bases, peace issue, Church-state relations in Japan
1970 117-132 Christians’ Attitude to Student Activism David Michell Student activism in Japan
1970 133 Summary of Seminar Addison P. Soltau Word of God not given due consideration, lack of definition of terms such as radical and revolution
1971 hayama 1971 Book Title:
The Church’s Role in Urbanized Japan
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1971 1-18 The Rise of the City in Japan Calvin Parker City, urbanization, history, development of Japanese city, archaeology, major cities, 20th century trends , Japanese society
1971 19-33 The City in Scripture John Timmer Bible, Biblical cities and spiritual significance, Babylon and New Jerusalem, Biblical Studies
1971 34-39 Jerusalem Christopher L. Webber Meditation upon Jerusalem
1971 40-55 Urbanization in Japan: A Challenge to Christianity Joseph J. Spee Urbanization and religion, secularization, Japanese society
1971 56-76 City Centered Mission Strategy: Paul to the Present Anthony A. Carter Tokyo statistics, city and agriculture, role of religion, Jesus and N.T. era, Paul , Japanese society
1971 77-86 Evangelism in Apartment Complexes Richard D. Sytsma 1970 census, urbanization, danchi, Japan Housing Corp., new towns, Tokyo area, missions strategy, evangelism
1971 87-96 Lay Witness in the City Joe Gooden Need for strong laymen, lack of spiritual drive, stories of great laymen , evangelism
1971 97-102 Ministry to the Dehumanized: The Conformist Pollution of the Human Spirit Len Keighley Japan’s development drive, dehumanization, conformist society
1971 103-115 Ministry to the Dehumanized: The Drop-Out Stan Manierre Youth, drugs, Shinjuku, ministry to drop-outs, human rights, statistics, Burakumin, Koreans, Okinawans, ragpickers, Christians who intervened Chikuho coal miners, Christian apathy
1971 116-137 The Future of the Church in a Technological Society I. J. Hesselink Crisis in church growth, world conditions, lack of Christian response, rise of “technological man,” secularization and secularism, computer
1971 138 Closing Worship Bill Bray Alexander & Zeno declared equality for all people, future Megalopolis, David Wilkerson going to the gangs, need to live with God within the city
1972 hayama 1972 Book Title:
Mandate of the Gospel to Technological Society
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1972 1-5 Men With Something To Offer Curtis W. Brannan Need for living faith
1972 6-25 Man’s Place in God’s World Harvey A. Smit Effect upon surroundings upon man, changing understanding of natural world, nature and ethics, technical civilization
1972 26-39 Human Engineering C. Delmer Johnson Biological revolution, value of life, scientific manipulation of life, prolongation of life
1972 40-43 Cybernetics and Theology Richard E. Seacord Cybernetics, human view of computers
1972 54-56 Reverence for Life Yoshiro Tamura Buddhism & modern evils
1972 57-63 Biblical Background (Creation as Workshop) Lloyd Neve Man’s role in creation that of steward, misuse of authority equated to rape
1972 64-80 The Christian Role in Creating a Human Society Robert L. Ramseyer Change from rural to urban culture requires Christian interpretation of what is human, what is community, missionary as catalyst
1972 81 Closing Sermon Jack Marshall Love is giving–to anyone
1973 hayama 19732 Book Title:
The Contemporary Work of the Holy Spirit
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1973 1-11 The Charismatic People of God Clifford Wayne Horn 1 Corinthians 12, Holy Spirit, Pentecost, gifts
1973 12-28 A Pentecostal View of the Baptism and Gifts of the Holy Spirit Donnel Garth McLean Baptism, Pentecostal, tarrying, tongues, gifts,
1973 29-45 Theological Interpretations of the Holy Spirit, and Their Manifestations in Particular Movements in History James M. Phillips Survey of the interpretations of the Holy Spirit, Montanists, Joachim, Thomas Muntzer, George Fox, Edward Irving, Charles Parham
1973 46-56 The Love that God Requires Robert Anderson Command to love
1973 57-73 The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Japanese Cultural Setting Clark B. Offner God’s Spirit at work in society, Japanese mysticism, Japanese religion, charismatic phenomena in Japanese new religions
1973 74-88 The Contemporary World-Wide Charismatic Renewal Richard D. Sytsma Signs and wonders associated with renewal, Neo-Pentacostalism, renewal in Catholicism and Protestantism
1973 89-103 The Jesus People Philip Foxwell Analysis of the Jesus People movement
1973 104-120 The Work of the Holy Spirit and Emotional Health Melvin M. Bradshaw Missionary emotional health in relationship to Holy Spirit, demonic spirits, counseling
1973 121-131 The Holy Spirit and Social Concerns Oliver Bergh Pastoral role, social concerns characteristic of our age, Holy Spirit in human relationships
1973 132 A Plea for Laughter, Warmth and Worship Simon Baynes Ways of thinking about the Holy Spirit at work
1974 hayama 1974 Book Title:
Changing Patterns in the Church’s Ministry
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1974 1-21 Biblical Perspectives on Ministry Arch B. Taylor Ancient understanding of serving the gods, service to Yaweh, trend toward elitist ministry, rise of prophets, early Church
1974 22-36 Changing Patterns in the Church’s Ministry in the Age of Reformation Richard B. Norton Distinctions between clergy and laity, secular clergy, demise of the Word in Pre-Reformation Europe, Reformation changes
1974 37-50 Christ’s Ministry and the Ministry of the Church–A Theological Perspective John Reagan Stewardship in local church, marks of authentic ministry,
1974 5-63 Changes in the Japanese Church’s Concept of Ministry Yoshiro Ishida Yoshinobu Kumazawa: lack of integration of various aspects of salvation, centrality of the Bible, changing nature of missionaries
1974 64-82 Pros and Cons of a Tent-Making Ministry Marvin Miller Tent-making, the case for voluntary clergy, arguments against tent-making, arguments for tent-making, Japan Mennonite Church & tentmaking
1974 83-86 Para-Ministries Peyton Palmore Panel discussion regarding “non-traditional” ministries
1974 87-98 The Concept of Ministry in the Japanese Church of 1990 Calvin Parker Speculations of what 1990 Japan & church will be like
1974 99-104 Changeless Precepts for Changing Patterns in the Church’s Ministry W. DeWitt Lyon Changeless faith in a changing world
1974 105-109 The Ministry of Prayer Robert J. Sorley Prayer
1974 110 Our Ministry Lardner C. Moore Tragedy motivated the hymn “Fill My Cup, Lord.”
1975 hayama 1975 Book Title:
Christian Perspectives on Life and Death: East and West
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1975 1-13 The Organized Care of the Dying Patient Tetsuo Kashiwagi Medical doctors, Yodogawa Christian Hospital, care for the dying, the many faces of a patient
1975 14-25 Funerals In Japan Part 1 Marion F. Moorhead Japanese funerals and related services, terms used, fate of the dead, “chuin” or hovering between two worlds (by the dead), addressing the deceased,
1975 26-29 Funerals In Japan Part 2 Soji Kitamura Ancient Japanese funeral customs, folk beliefs and practices, addressing the dead
1975 30-83 Biblical Perspectives on Death Robert H. Culpepper Death in the Bible, the place of the dead, burial, mourning, resurrection, afterlife, theological deductions, intermediate state, extensive references
1975 84-95 Death in the Western Tradition B. D. Tucker Protazoa do not die, death as the product of imperfect relationship of parts plus external factors, 1st century views on death, later Western beliefs, suicide, prayers for the dead
1975 96-111 The Idea of Death in Japanese Thought Stuart D. B. Picken Archeological findings and speculations, Buddhist views of death
1975 112-136 Ethical Problems Associated With Death George H. Hays Death, ethics, abortion, euthanasia, suicide
1975 137 Facing Death Personally Kenneth J. Dale Stages of coping with the knowledge of impending death, terminally ill, preparing for death
1976 hayama 1976 Book Title:
Personal Evangelism in Today’s Japan
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1976 1-5 The Christian Witness – Good News for Today Clifford Horn Acts 8:26-40, message
1976 6-14 Communication George L. Olson Communication theory, speaker and listener, human needs and wants
1976 15-26 Human Needs and Human Psychology Susumu Akahoshi Psychology, dependency, trust, religiosity, comparisons between Japan and the west, amae
1976 27-42 The Christian Mission from People of One Culture to Those of Another Kenneth E. Heim Dependency – autonomy, self-realization – harmony, movements toward one world system, value of individual cultures, Biblical view of peoples, ethnos, ethnos & evangelism
1976 43-60 Personal Evangelism in the New Testament–A Study of the Adaptability of New Testament Evangelism LeRoy Seat Personal evangelism, adaptation of messenger to context, Jesus’ method, adaptability of message
1976 61-82 The Missionary as an Evangelist Mark Maxey Missionaries creed and mission, image and self-image, preaching, personal evangelism, funeral observances
1976 83-88 Missionary Evangelistic Methods and Techniques for a Japanese Viewpoint Shuichi Matsumura Missionary stages, role of missionaries in Japan, public perceptions of pastors, preaching
1976 89-92 Evangelism Role Play Ray Hommes and Harvey Smit Role playing evangelism
1976 93-102 Evangelism: How We Do It Herb Skoglund & Kenneth E. Milhous Case study, midori Baptist Church plant
1976 103-110 Coffee House Evangelism Ronald W. Hempel Case study, coffee houses, Asahigawa “Good Hour” ministry, emotional release in Japan, bars
1976 111 Arise – Shine! Carl Beck Isaiah 60:1-3, sermon, the Roman martyrs as evangelists
1977 hayama 1977 Book Title:
Bridges and Barriers to Gospel Outreach in Japan
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1977 1-6 Christ’s Message to His Church Helmut Schultz Revelation 1:9-20, 2:1-7, viewing the Church from within, things to remember
1977 7-15 The Biblical Encounter with Barriers and Bridges Chester O. Mulder Repentance, scandal, Apostles Creed and Japanese thinking, stumbling block, ignoring as a response
1977 16-26 Cultural Dynamics and the Gospel in Japan John M. Masuda Japanese mentality as observed in literature, adaptation to invasive cultures, patterns of communication, self-exposure as compared to Americans, individual and group, bridges to witness
1977 27-38 Understanding and Bridging the Language Barrier Shelton Allen Language theory, behavior, perceptions, learning techniques
1977 39-41 The Gospel Outreach through the Congregation William M. Elder Role of pastor in outreach, feudalistic patterns in Japan, pastoral position, expectations of “strong” pastors, felt need for authority figure, defensive pastors
1977 52-64 Transforming Barriers into Bridges Kenneth J. Dale Japan as collectivist society, group loyalty, “Christian” individualism, “amae,” dependency, Japanese monism, Western dualism, Japanese psychology
1977 65-67 Crossing the Bridge–A Closing Critique of the 1977 Hayama Seminar Gerrit Koedoot Need to distinguish between inherent and apparent barriers
1977 68 On the Other Side of the Bridge Melvin D. Stott, Jr. Exodus 14:15-31, message, God provides the bridge
1978 hayama 1978 Book Title:
Equipping the Laity for Service
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1978 1-10 Equipping the Laity for Service Robert Boardman Ephesians 4:11-12, sermon, equipping people for service
1978 11-31 The Biblical Concept of the Laity Leroy Seat Laity derived from “people,” clergy-laity distinction foreign to Bible, responsibility of pastor
1978 32-40 Understanding the World of the Layman Yasuo Onishi Japanese industrial society, Christians in this society, importance of the layman
1978 41-71 The Contemporary Apostolate Richard E. Systma Lay apostolate, Roman Catholic Church, laity, calling of those who are sent out, mission, Biblical teaching, Holy Spirit
1978 71-93 How Other Groups Motivate and Equip the Laity John Graybill Buddhist organizations, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Rissho Koseikai, Soka Gakkai, Mormons, Touitsu Kyoukai, Unification Church, Christian churches, advice to missionaries
1978 94-110 Witnessing Through the Japanese Family George L. Olson Post war families, traditional families, the dead as a “cloud of witnesses,” religious sensitivity, Shinshuu Buddhist adaptations to post war trends, Christian adaptations
1978 111-131 Equipping Laymen for Ministry K. Lavern Snider Goals and motivation in ministry, specialized ministries, equipping believers and equippers,
1978 132-145 The Role of the Bible in Equipping the Laity Marion F. Moorhead Authority of Scripture, message of the Bible, lack of laity-clergy distinction in New Testament, Presbyterian churches in Korea
1978 146 The Training of Laymen: Heartbeat of Missions (Summary of 1978 Hayama Seminar) Joe Gooden Visit people, train believers to visit people, coaching and building teams
1979 hayama 1979 Book Title:
The Lordship of Christ and the Missionary in Japanese Society
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1979 1-8 The Lordship of Christ and the Missionary in Japanese Society Kenneth E. Heim The Lord is Lord, the trinity is at work
1979 9-14 The Covenant God Confronts the Canaanite Baals Lloyd Neve Comparison of Israelite faith with neighbors, modern response to idolatry
1979 15-32 The Lordship of Jesus Confronts Graeco-Roman Society in the First Century E. Luther Copeland Jesus as Lord in 1st century, church history, limits of Roman religious toleration, cultic and private religious beliefs, status of Jewish faith, accusations against early Christians, emperor as god, supreme authority
1979 33-47 The Spiritual Life of the Missionary Philip Kinley 2nd Peter 1:3-11, elements of the spiritual life, problems and advantages for the missionary
1979 48-56 Tensions and Temptations the Missionary Family Faces in Japan D. Endersby Missionary family, responsibilities of husbands and fathers, communication problems, irritations, Biblical principles, status of women
1979 57-67 The Missionary as Prophet: Confrontation vs. Accommodation vs. Infiltration Paul Broman Missionary conferences, rejection of missionary methods which seemed to result in failure, started a school, adoptions, street evangelism, spirit of Christ
1979 68-78 Rivals for Lordship: Japanese Religions Today Aasulv LandeW. DeWitt Lyon Religious dialogue, appearance of Christian faith to Japanese, salvation outside the church, freedom of action, religious rivalry,
1979 79-91 The Lordship of Christ as it Relates to Japanese Society and the Church in Japan Ian MacLeod Church sees Christ as absolute potentate, Jesus’ appeal and authentication, threats and warnings, what aspect of God do we present to people? Japan’s pre-war authority system, in the churches,
1979 92 Paul: Missionary to Corinth Arthur R. Eikamp Corinthian church, Jewish resistance, Paul’s before the court of Lucius Gallio, Paul’s refusal to be judged by self or others, missionary encouragment
1980 hayama 1980 Book Title:
The Christian Gospel and its Ethical Implications for Japanese Society
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1980 1-8 Ethical Issues in the Church Fathers and Church History Campion Lally Church fathers, patrology, theology, church history, love for God as key, Ecumenical stretch toward Christian unity
1980 9-17 The Religious Core of the Old Testament Ethic David M. Moore Ethics, holiness, the Law, Old Testament ethics, loyalties
1980 18-31 The Law in the Teaching of Jesus Philip Barton Payne Law, ethics in Judaism, authority of Scripture, principles of interpretation
1980 32-41 Traditional Japanese Ethics F. Calvin Parker Japanese ethics, changing of ethical systems, sin, harmony as highest value, “bushido,” sexual mores, Western reactions to Japanese ethical system, obligation, loyalty, shame, tolerance, compassion
1980 42-49 A Japanese Christian Ethical Outlook Hisachika Hirose Ethics, memories of childhood confusion as Japan changed after war, conversion to Jesus, ethics as discipline, ethics as principle
1980 50-58 Japanese Christianity and the Emperor Myth George W. Gish Japanese emperor as supreme god, historical survey, Imperial Rescript on Education, Shinto rites, Yasukuni Shrine, consolation of the dead, Church compromise and post-defeat confession
1980 59-61 The Christian and Ancestor Worship Neal Browning Japan as not fitting Anthropological models, Japanese religions, ancestor worship
1980 62-65 Personal Ethical Issues Kenneth Dale Drinking as social safety valve, suicide patterns, sexual aberrations
1980 66-70 The Gospel and Social Ethics: the issue of Buraku Discrimination Louis N. Grier, Jr. Burakumin, Japan’s “untouchables,” theology and practice of Buraku liberation
1980 71-74 Education in Japan Frank Cole Morals and education, Mombusho’s directive for Junior High School teachers, ethics as taught by Japanese school system, religious activities
1980 75-84 Ethical Issues from a Missionary Point of View Robert L. Ramseyer Missionaries who are diligent in learning culture can make ethical observations
1980 85-98 How Japanese Christians Deal with Non-Christian Religious Ceremonies Alan Hoaglund Ethics survey, putting Christian content into traditional festivals and ceremonies, attitudes toward traditional religious practices, funerals
1980 99 Ethics and the Role of the Missionary Robert K. Anderson 2 Kings 10:15-16, Jehu & Jehonadab, missionaries face a lifetime of making ethical choices
1981 hayama 1981 Book Title:
The Christian Family in Japan
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1981 1-3 The Christian Family Marion F. Moorhead Proverbs 3:6, family, qualities of a good family
1981 4-12 The Family in Scripture Frank Cole Controversy a virtue at Hayama, nature of a Christian home, Biblical teaching regarding divorce, familial relationships, book list, spanking
1981 13-17 The Family in Conflict Hugh Trevor Biblical survey of family, modern view of home as retreat from society, Christian relationship to family
1981 18-25 The Japanese Family: Its Strengths and Weaknesses R. Wallace Brownlee Japanese family, individualism and groupism, Japanese mother, mother-child breakdowns, education, role of father, courtship and go-betweens, weaknesses in family system
1981 26-27 A Japanese Perspective Akira Horiuchi Yao Free church, importance of good family relationships in evangelism
1981 28-35 Reaching Non-Christian Families George L. Olson Finding community needs, identifying trends, Institute of Cultural Affairs, JNN Data Bank, “tsukiai” obligatory relationships, importance of workplace relationships, TBS research information for the 1980’s
1981 36-47 Fostering Christian Families in Japan Charles Shenk Traditional views of women as inferior or dirty, unhappiness of women, fostering Christian families, mate selection, sex, love, children
1981 48-55 The Missionary Family Thelma Moorehead Missionary family, survey of missionary stress, MK as third culture being
1981 56 Make Us a Family Austin Warriner Hayama as a significant family, absence of family “success stories” in Old Testament but present in New Testament, Christian family a difference
1982 hayama 1982 Book Title:
Can the Gospel Thrive in Japanese Soil: Guilt, Shame, and Grace in a Unique Culture
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1982 1-5 A New Thing James Fiske Sermons, Love, Grace
1982 6-22 The Dynamics of Shame and Guilt Joe Gooden Guilt, shame, psychology, personality, evangelism
1982 23-30 The Concepts of Guilt and Grace in the Bible Lloyd Neve Sin, grace, biblical studies
1982 31-49 The Place of Guilt, Shame and Grace in Other Japanese Religions Clark Offner Shame, guilt, grace, Japanese religion, sin, Buddhism, Shinto, tsumi, kegare, Pure Land Buddhism, Shinran, new religions, Confucianism
1982 50-74 History of Christian Confrontation with Japanese Culture Glenn Gano Christ and Culture, Japanese church, Meiji Period, pre-War period, liberalism, Ebina, Emperor Worship, Shinto, Uchimura Kanzo, pacifism, Kagawa, Mukyoukai
1982 76-81 The Foreignness of Christianity and the Problems of Nihonshu Dickson Yagi The Japanese and the Jews, Nationalism, death, Buddhist funeral, nature
1982 82-87 The Gap Between Honne and Tatemae Ken Dale Honne/tatemae, logic, non-rationality, law, shame, relativism, psychology, obligation, gimu
1982 88-94 The Claims of Christ versus Competing Claims of Society Arthur Eikamp Discipleship, school, company, home, loyalty, Japanese church, conflicts
1982 95-106 The Foreign Missionary Faces Japanese Culture Patrick McElligott Missionary role, foreignness, evangelism, culture shock, pastoral care, giri-ninjou
1982 107-122 The Gospel Will Thrive in Japanese Soil: A Blueprint for Action Koji Arai Post-war period, evangelism, conversion, repentance, Japanese church, ninjou, logic
1982 123 Striving or Thriving: A Closing Sermon Bob Houlihan Sermons, Endo, Silence, contextualization, incarnational model
1983 hayama 1983 Book Title:
All Things to All Men–Interaction of Biblical Faith and the Surrounding Cultures
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1983 1-2 A Celestial Orchestration Oliver Bergh Psalm 118:14
1983 3-10 The People of God and the Surrounding Culture: Conflict and Accommodation John M. L. Young Conflict, accommodation, Biblical study, bowing, butsudon, o-bon, shukyoshin, monism
1983 11-21 Jewish, Greek and Roman Influences on the Early Christian Church Carl Beck Church history, survey of philosophical and religious influences on early Church
1983 22-28 The Foreignness of Christianity in Japan Notto R. Thelle Religious, sociology, God in Japan, Jesus as friend
1983 29-37 Using Japanese Literature in Preaching Patrick McElligott Feeling and logic, Japanese psychology, sermon structure and Japanese poetry compared
1983 38-40 Experiments in the Contextualization of the Gospel in Japan Clark B. Offner Balancing Christian integrity with Japanese culture, contextualization of the Gospel
1983 41-43 Pastoral Responses in a Japanese Context William M. Elder Okinawa, pastoral ministry, family tomb rebuilding, cultural sensitivity, liturgy as sign of respect, contextualization, land dedication
1983 44-50 Six Things I’ve Learned about Contextualization Frederic C. Sprunger Contextualization of the Gospel, need for Word and deed, functional substitutes of Japanese religious customs
1983 51-55 Why Don’t the Japanese become Christian? Chosei (Kiyoshi) Kabira Sociology, Chrstian faith, 1981 NHK Survey of Religious Consciousness, possible solutions to problems
1983 56-57 The E-To Almanac: Guide to Japanese Life Farmer’s Almanac of Japan
1983 58 Mount Fuji Evangelization John W. Graybill Eight step evangelist process
1984 hayama 1984 Book Title:
God at Work in Contemporary Japan: A Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Reflection
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1984 1-2 Learning to Learn from Each Other Gordon J. Van Wyk Acts 15:4-11, meaning of Hayama, national churches
1984 3-13 A Vision for Japan, Then and Now William Hinchman Origins of Hayama, original vision, first committee, minutes of first committee meetings, program of first seminar and details regarding 2nd planning committee
1984 14-17 Theological Concerns of a Quarter Century in Japan Hiroyoshi Okada Personal story, early theological influences, postwar Christianity boom and failure of pastors to cope with it
1984 18-21 Don’t Lose Heart; God is at Work Charles Ray Bible study, eschatology, follow God and don’t loose heart
1984 22-32 A Sharing of Theological Traditions, Emphases and Development Benson Cain Gordon  K. Strom Confessional Churches, rebuilding relationships, Lutheran, Presbyterian and Reformed, Roman Catholic, Nihon Kiristuto Kyoudan, Free Churches,
1984 33034 Saints of the Past Twenty-Five Years in Japan Symposium Influential Christian leaders
1984 35-42 Sharing Twenty-Five Years of Growth, Victories and Mistakes Oliver Bergh Calvin Parker Confessional Church statistics and confessions, Free Churches, Nippon Seikoukai, Lutheran, Reformed, United Church of Christ, Kyoudan, historical outline, progress
1984 43-52 Prospects for God’s Work in the Next Quarter Century Stanley Dyer Hindrances to church growth, issues related to growth, chart “Hindrances to Church Growth in Japan,” chart “Potential Effective Ministries in the Japanese Church”
1984 53 Going Forward as Servants of God Reiji Hoshizaki Deuteronomy 34:5-12, sermon, effective service takes time
1985 hayama 1985 Book Title:
Current Threats To God-Given Life: The Christian Response To Violence
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1985 1 He Will Take What is Mine and Give it to You Oliver Bergh John 16:14b, Hayama men’s seminar
1985 2-12 The Church Faces Militarism and Violence Glen G. Gano Militarism in Japan, Catholic missionary militarism, Shimabara rebellion, Meiji modernization, Rescript on education, Uchimura, pacifists, Japanese Church and response to war
1985 13-17 Bible Study on Conference Theme Charles A Ray Isaiah 1-5, rebellion against God
1985 18-28 The Case for a Just War Frank Cole Just war theory, alternative views, Blibical principles
1985 29-38 The Case for Christian Pacifism Frank Kuhlman George W. Gish, Jr. Jesus and weapons, Blibical principles leading to pacificism
1985 30-50 Deliquency and Violence in society Howard Blair Violence in Japan, educational system, effects of occupation policies, parental patterns, ways to reduce violence
1985 51-60 Abortion: Violence to the Unborn John S. Schwab Survey of abortion, US and Japan, Christian and Buddhist response
1985 61-71 Chemical Dependency: Violence to self and to Others through Chemical Abuse Robert Cunningham Post war increase of alcohol intake, progress and types of alcholism, treatment, drug abuse in Japan, treatment in Japan
1985 72-74 If I Could Live My Life Over Robert Boardman Philippians 3:13, message, Nine things I would do differently
1985 75 The Missing Link in Christian Work Joe Gooden Enjoyment in life and ministry, Bibical characters
1986 hayama 1986 Book Title:
Church Planting Patterns in Japan
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1986 1-6 Biblical Principles of Church Planting: Jesus and the Gentiles Timothy J. Phelan Bible study, church planting, Jesus, outreach
1986 7-19 Church Planting Since 1945: A Short Survey Dafinn Sohheim Church planting in Japan, church growth
1986 20-26 Contributions of Educational Ministries to Church Planting Philip Kinley Case study, Tamagawa Seigakuin Girls Junior-Senior High School, youth church attendance
1986 27-29 Para-Local Church Groups and Church Planting Dick Endersby Para-church ministries
1986 30-32 Church Planting Through Social Action John H. McIntosh Presbyterian missionaries, Koreans, Chinese and Taiwanese in Japan, alien registration
1986 33-39 A Wholistic Approach to Church Planting Marlin Zook Psychology, church planting, Human Potential Movement, Life Dynamics, ways of knowing
1986 40-49 Japanese Worldview and its Implications to Church Planting in Japan Minoru Hayashi Conversion in Japan, historical survey, mother-child suicide, comparative worldviews, cultural anthropology
1986 50-59 Church Planting in Japan Under the Power of the Holy Spirit Leo Kaylor Church planting, prayer and revival, signs and wonders, salvation testimony, Omuta church, gifts of the Spirit
1986 60-64 Church Planting from a Japanese Perspective Andrew Y. Furuyama Andrew Furuyama, Evangelical Free Church, church plant case study
1986 65 Practical Aspects of Church Planting Art Seely Keeping the paper work up to date
1987 hayama 1987 Book Title:
The Gospel Encounters the Japanese Worldview
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1987 1 The Apostle John and the Worldview of the Japanese Steve Metcalf The heavenly worldview
1987 2-5 The Japanese Worldview: a Definition Yukio Saito Suicide patterns in Japan, Inochi no denwa, Lifeline
1987 6-18 A Blibical Worldview W. Dewitt Lyon Principles guiding toward a Biblical worldview, effects of culture
1987 19-23 The Gospel in the Context of the Japanese Worldview Paul P. Clark Japanese isolation, subjectiveness
1987 24-29 Understanding the resistance of Japan to Christianity Paul Clark Importance of Shinto, Japanese henotheism
1987 30-40 The Scientific Worldview as a Barrier to the Gospel Bruce Wilkerson Changing nature of the scientific worldview
1987 41-45 The Old Testament as a Bridge to communicating the Gospel Barry L. Ross Old testament as an Eastern document, shared traits between Japan and O.T. world
1987 46-50 The Gosple for Japan’s International Youth Culture John Ladue Youth in Japan, incarnational evangelism
1987 51-67 English teaching as a bridge to Communicating the Gospel Mark Maxey English language as a means to evangelism, Bible as part of English language, teaching guidelines
1987 68-76 Rites of Passage as a Bridge to the Gospel William L. Hinchman, Japanese rites of passage
1987 77 Preach the Word–To Japanese Buddhists John M.L. Young Buddhism and the Gospel
1988 hayama 1988 Book Title:
Incarnating the Gospel in the Japanese Context
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1988 1-3 Whoever Receives You Receives Me Howard Blair Sermon, Luke 10:16
1988 4-13 Christian Spirituality in Buddhist Context Masao Uenuma Christian spirituality in context of Western rationalism, Buddhist philosophy, perspectives on the body
1988 14-27 Biblical Loyalty in the Japanese Context David M. Moore Loyalty in Japanese history and culture, “bushido,” Rescript Education, Hideyoshi’s rejection of God as greater authority than himself, Biblical study of loyalty
1988 38-53 From Ancient Jerusalem to Modern Tokyo: Contextualization in Japanese Culture and Society Robert Lee Levels of contextualization, Uchimura Kanzoo, Japan’s cultural identity crisis, extensive references, ways to present Christ to modern Japanese, converging cultures
1988 54-60 A Clinical Perspective of Contemporary Japanese Family Problems Kenneth J. Dale Changing Japanese family, clinical psychology, family therapy, loyalties, absentee husband and father, the company, amae, dominate mothers, school refusal
1988 61-72 Ministry in the Japanese University: Who, What and How? Charles R. DeRolf Views of Christ in relationship to culture, author’s campus ministry
1988 73-88 A Foreign Christian’s Struggle with Japanese Concepts of Respect, Honor, Veneration, Worship Clark B. Offner Two views on Japanese ancestral religion and “cohabitability” with the Gospel, Nihonkyou, adjustment to Christian ways of thinking, danger of syncretism, alternative funeral style, bowing
1988 88-93 God’s Mandate in Cultural Perspective Stanley R. Dyer Redemptive relationship between culture and evangelism, danger of religious syncretism, fife stages of transformation
1988 94 Cultural Research Questions Miriam Adeney Cultural studies, survey
1989 hayama 1989 Book Title:
Showa X-Day and Beyond
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1989 1-3 Introducing: Showa, X-Day and Beyond Paul P. Clark Decline of traditional Japanese religion, impending death of the Showa emperor, danger of syncretism
1989 4-14 Japanese Religious Mentality Nathaniel S. Elkins Japanese as non-religious, religious practice survey
1989 15-16 Potential of Youth John LaDue Youth, “tatemae” as spirit of Japan, stubbornness
1989 17-22 Unchanging Emperor System Robert Lee Imperial institution, pure emperor and “men of action, “missiological implications
1989 23-37 The Showa Era Harold Sims Survey of Showa history, political and cultural survey, events during reign of Hirohito, missionaries during Showa (see critique)
1989 38-46  X-Day: After the Emperor Dies Kenny Joseph Wartime responsibility of the Emperor, rituals related to the death of an emperor, relationship of faithful to the state, Kyodan
1989 57-69 Beyond Showa: Internationalization Cornelius K. Iida WW II experiences, first hearing of the Gospel, MacArthur and peace, experiences as interpreter for heads of state, impact of politics upon spiritual, views of the atomic bombings, reconciliation
1989 70 Beyond Showa: Christianity and Japanese Religions Leroy Seat Inventing the future, theological understandings of the future, trends in Japanese society and religion, future of Japanese Church
1989 88 Jesus the Christ as Prophet John H. McIntosh Devotional
1989 89 Jesus as Great High Priest Jim Sandholdt Devotional
1989 90 Jesus as King Douglas Woyke Devotional
1989 91 Jesus as Lord Austin Warriner Devotional
1990 hayama 1990 Book Title:
Heisei: A New Era or More of the Same: Missiological Issues in the ’90’s
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1990 1-30 Heisei: A New Era in the Japanese Church? Joshua Tadashi Tsutada Periods of Japanese church growth, history as “His story,” global awareness in Japanese Church, evangelicals in Japan, JEA
1990 31-58 Magic and Morality in Modern Japanese Exorcistic Technologies: A Study of Mahikari Richard Fox Young Mahikari, Japanese new religion, spiritism, ancestors, rise of spiritism in modern Japan, healing and deliverance, victimization
1990 59-96 Elemental Cosmology, Esoteric Soteriology and the New Missiology Johannes Aagaard Cosmology, New Age as the Old Age, Theosophy, Freemasonry, modern youth, Anthroposophy, Yoga, Hinduism, Shinto mythology
1990 97 Instructions About Integrity and Piety Paul B. Overland Proverbs 3:1-12, Bible study
1991 hayama 1991 Book Title:
The Enigma of Japanese Society
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1991 1-5 Introduction: The Enigma of Japanese Society Robert Lee Introduction to speakers
1991 6-33 Civil Society in Japan Karel van Wolferen Intimidation, loss of civil society, diminishing freedom, establishment intellectuals, disenfranchised middle class, Japan as an oligarchy
1991 34-56 Japan’s Kanjin Society Norikatsu Sasagawa Japanese way of thinking, divided self, individual and groups, Imperial Oath of Five Articles of 1867, comparison with medieval German society
1991 57-75 Counseling in Japanese Society Nobuo Tanaka Counseling method, Japan, case histories, recovery, Nobuo Tanaka
1991 76-99 Teaching Them to Observe All that I Command You: Biblical Perspectives on Education for Life Marvin K. Yoder Biblical understanding of life and death, teaching in the Bible, teachers
1991 100 Sanbi: An International Christian School Project Peter Wider Sanbi, worship, Christian education, children
1992 hayama 1992 Book Title:
A World in Shambles in an Ordered Universe: Renewing Mission Engagement
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1992 1-10 Introduction to Seminar Robert Lee Topics and speakers
1992 11-56 Japan in the World John Gano 20th Century developments in Japan, nations in flux, economics, military, international aid, interdependence and moves toward one world system
1992 57-64 Japan and the Domestic Scene Takiya Yoshikazu Effects of WW II defeat, internationalization, Japanese psychology & spirituality, “nantai dobutsu” attitudes, anti-ideology ideology
1992 65-88 Being Witnesses of the Truth in this Culture Alf Idland Philosophy and Christian message, dangers of running a “koenkai,” lack of a Japan friendly esthetic, Christian artist Watanabe Sadao
1992 89-99 A Biblical Word to the People of God in a World in Shambles Barry L. Ross O.T. faithful who stood firm in times of peril
1992 100-105 On to Greater Things John H. McIntosh Greater works,
1992 106 A Voice from the Past Glenn G. Gano Quotations from the minutes of the 1883 All Japan Missionary Conference
1993 hayama 1993 Book Title:
How Wide is God’s Mercy? Christian Perspectives on Religious Pluralism
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1993 1-131 How Wide is God’s Mercy? A Biblical Perspective on Religious Pluralism Don N. Howell, Jr. Religious pluralism, Biblical theology, exclusivism vs. inclusivism, fate of those who never hear, problem texts, “kurios,” Christ as Lord
1993 32-52 Christian Theologians on Religious Plurality Jan van Bragt Religious pluralism in Western history, theologians viewpoints
1993 53-66 The Fall of Christian Imperialism Hiromasa Mase Ethnic conflict, religious pluralism, religious dialogue, Christian affirmations
1993 67-91 Why Jesus Instead of the Buddha? Christian Mission in a Religiously Pluralistic World Harold A. Netland Religious pluralism, apologetics, Christian exclusive vs. inclusive, epistemology, theology
1993 92-108 Interreligious Dialogue Clark Offner Religious dialogue, theology, Christian views of non-Christian religions
1993 109-131 The Dynamics of Religious Change and Development Among Japanese Buddhists Kenneth J. Dale Religion in Japanese life, Rissho Koseikai, “hoza,” group counseling, RK doctrines, comparison to Christian faith
1993 132 Panel Discussion on Religious Pluralism Mase, Offner, Dale, van Bragt, Netland Scripture, religious pluralism, God and Buddha
1994 hayama 1994 Book Title:
AD 2000 And Beyond-Missionary Education and Mission. Missionary Survival Before AD 2000
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1994 1-14 Mission and Education: The Perspective from Japan Tadaka Maruyama Christian schools in 19th and 20th century Japan, changing nature of Japanese Christian schools
1994 15-28 Living as Children of Light Bruce Hekman Accepting the challenge of modern youth culture
1994 29-32 Fifteen Waves in Postwar Japan Kenny Joseph Survey of ministry approaches from 1940 to 1988, methodology
1994 33-44 Short-Term Workers Aid Church Planting Ralph Cox Short-term missionaries, church planting strategy
1994 45-50 Performing Christian Weddings in Japan Nathan Elkins Christian weddings, tent-making, evangelism
1994 51-66 Homeschooling Belva Rae Kotlarczyk Homeschooling in Japan, missionary childrens’ education
1994 67- Contextualization: Self-Identity and Conversion in Japanese Culture and Society Robert Lee Conversion, Japanese kindergarten, early socialization, modernization, rise of personal self in Japan, types of modern individuals, duo realities
1995 hayama 1995 Book Title:
Leadership–The Church in Japan and the Missionary
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1995 1-3 Introduction Russell Sawatsky & Gregg Hutton Introduction to speakers
1995 4-13 A Biblical View of Leadership Takashi Manabe Biblical idea of leader
1995 14-32 Leadership and Church Organization in the Japanese Context Robert L. Ramseyer Leadership, church organization, case history in Japanese secular context, patron-client relations, volunteer associations, church and pastor
1995 33-43 The Continuing Role of the Missionary in Japan Hugh Trevor Missionary role, models, Church Growth Institute
1995 44-69 A Japanese Perspective on the Continuing Role of Missionaries in Japan Joshua K. Ogawa Historical survey of missionaries in Japan, case study of foundation of Evangelical Free church, continuing role of missionaries
1995 70-88 Church Leadership and the Problem of Nihonkyou Peter N. Lundell Japanese identity and myth as religion, spiritual powers
1995 89 Deconstruction and the Modern: Missiological Trends and Issues for the Church in Japan and the Missionary Robert Lee Spread of modernity and the postmodern era, Japan and missions in the postmodern era, developments in Biblical theology, deconstruction and contextualization, Agaards theory of missions
1996 hayama 1996 Book Title:
Reaching the Secular Mind for Christ. Practical Help for Evangelism in Japan. THE DEBATE: Young-Earth Creationism vs. Old-Earth Creationism. How They Can Be Used As Tools For Evangelism
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1996 1-31 The Heavens Declare the Glory of God Hugh Ross Christian faith & science, apologetics, Big Bang, conflicting viewpoints, creation science, astrophysics
1996 32-65 Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear Hugh Ross Evolution, natural selection, apologetics through science, the Flood, creation science, astrophysics
1996 66-75 Reaching the Secular Mind for Christ Takeshi Mogi Business world, evangelism, economic “bubble burst,” Kobe earthquake relief, motorcycle gangs
1996 76-81 Reaching the Secular Mind for Christ: Definitions and Departures Peter Lundell Secularization, informed Christians
1996 82-83 In Conclusion: The Human Center and the Christ Center Peter Lundell Human centered universe vs. Christ centered lives
1996 84-92 Friday Evening Meditation Mary Kay Sapp 1 John 1:1-4, reaching people for Christ
1996 93 Continual Conversion Clark Offner Conversion as a life process
1997 hayama 1997 Book Title:
Revival & Renewal
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1997 1-7 Bible Study on Revival and Renewal Erik Froyland Jeremiah 22:29, revival, awakening
1997 8-34 The Gifts of the Holy Spirit Richard B. Gaffin, Jr. Biblical theology, Spirit baptism, gifts of the Spirit, non Pentecostal vs. Pentecostal
1997 35-49 The History of Revival – Revival in Our Century Minoru Okuyama Revival movements in Church history
1997 50-62 Testimony of Renewal in Yokohama Grace Bible Church Scott Douma Toronto blessing, revival, Japan, testimonies
1997 63-69 How God is Working Through My Group Shinji Amari Landmark Baptists, cessationist, personal testimony
1997 70-76 My Vision for Revival in Japan Paul Kiichi Ariga Personal testimony, revival in Japan, Biblical examples of revival
1997 77-83 Overview: Revivals in Japan Kenny Joseph Seven revivals in Japan
1997 84-87 Para-church Organizations and Revival Timothy M. Himei Para-church, revival
1997 88 What Then is My Responsibility? David M. Moore Nehemiah 9, Daniel 9, Biblical example of revival, Welsh Revival, need for repentance
1998 hayama 1998 Book Title:
Missionary Communications in a Visual Age
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1998 1-4 Taking Every Thought Captive to Christ Paul Clark 1 Corinthians 3:11
1998 5-19 Mass Media and the Church Terry Mattingly Media as cultural imperialism, TV generation, Christian attitudes toward mass media
1998 20-32 Religious Content in Mass Media Terry Mattingly Dominate impact of the visual over doctrine, X-Files
1998 33-44 Responding to Signals from Mass Media Terry Mattingly Response to the challenges of mass media, types of signals
1998 45-51 Ministry to Cult Members and Their Families William Wood Jehovah Witnesses
1998 52-60 Sowing Seeds through Religious Dialogue and Telephone Messages Clark Offner Telephone ministry, ancestral rites
1998 61-74 The Gospel in Japanese Society Patrick McElligott Social integration of missionary, PTA, haiku & preaching
1998 75-9 Panel Discussions William Wood, Patrick McElligott, Clark Offner, Terry Mattingly Jehovah Witnesses, ancestral rites, etc
1998 95 Ministry of the Word Dan Sparkman, Cynthia Dufty, Robert K. Anderson In Him we live and have our being, Praying with the End in view, The Word made flesh
1999 hayama 1999 Book Title:
Preparing for a Fresh Encounter with God
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
1999 3-22 Jesus and the Jizo in Japan: A History of Christianity in Japan, A.D. 198~Present Kenny Joseph Nestorian missionaries, Christian influences on Japanese culture, funerals and revivals
1999 23-37 Pre-war Protestant Japanse Revivals from 1859 through the 1890s Masakazu Suzuki and David Hymes Japan Christian revivals, 19th century, revivalism, 1872 Yokohama revival, 1876 Kumamoto revival, 1883 revival, 1884 Doushisha revival
1999 38-46 Contemplation on the Work of God: Biased and Subjective Thoughts on Preparing the Nation for His Tomorrow Akira Mori Nestorian missionaries, 1500 persecution of Christians, Tokugawa isolation, ways toward revival
1999 47-60 Deliverance and Generation X: Young People and Young People’s Problems Peter N. Blocksom Deliverance ministry, demonic bondages, abusive sexual behavior, idolatry, freedom from bondage
1999 61-73 Reaching Gen-X Through Various Media David Verwey Evangelism, Generation X, audio-visual media and providers, needs of young people
1999 74-86 The Worldview of Japanese Elementary School Children as Reflected in the Mainichi Elementary School Newspaper Daniel A. Ellrick Formation of children’s’ values, cultural and religious influences upon Japan, “Mainichi Shougakusei Shinbun,” Daily Newspaper of Elementary Students
1999 87-91 Moral Education in the Japanese School David Hinson Ministry of Education, moral education curriculum, social conditioning
1999 92-94 Lessons Learned Ministering to Japanese Children Timothy Ackerman Ministry to children, children’s wants and desires
1999 95-102 Panel Discussion: Formation of Japanese Worldview Gary Fujino, moderator Japanese worldview, children, young people, ethics, sexual behavior, Generation X, mass media
1999 103 Conversion, Lordship and Mission: Contextualizing Theology in Light of Japanese Ancestral Practices David W. Ronan Ancestral practices as Japan’s religion, rituals and worldview, conversion and religious change, Lordship of Christ, relational sets
2000 hayama 2000 Book Title:
Strategies for Christian Witness in a Postmodern World
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
2000 6-27 The Social World of the New Testament and How the Early Christians Responded to it: Hints for the Japanese Church W. Robert Shade New Testament societies, Roman era associations, social classes, religious practices, tolerance
2000 28-45 Understanding Postmodernism Jim Leffel Death of truth, rejection of absolutes, denial of Self, John Hick’s postmodern pluralistic analysis, Japan looking for truth
2000 46-63 The Postmodern Dilemma Jim Leffel Scientific foundationalism & postmodern critique, reality & social construction, espistemological nihilism, linguistic constructivism, social construction of theory, the existential dilemma
2000 64-74 Strategic Christian Initiatives in a Postmordern Culture Jim Leffel Plausibility structures & Christian witness, conversation & cuisine outreach, epistemological frustration
2000 75-80 On Networking Ken Saito Living in two worlds, Japanese & religion, Yokohama Union Church, theology of the sojourner, frustration with association
2000 81-87 Networking or Not Working? Networking Among International Churches & Mission Agencies in Japan: Results of an Inquiry Michael Hohn Networking & working together
2000 88-97 A Case Study of the International VIP Club: A Mission Movement Among Japanese Businessmen Mitsuo Fukuda International VIP club, ministry to Japanese businessmen, collapse of the company, evangelism
2000 98-104  Old Earth Creationism Versus Young Earth Creationism From the Standpoint of Evangelistic Impact Tim Boyle Our designed universe, big bang, time, fossil fuels and evolutionists, debate tactics, old earth creationism, young earth creationism, Japanese separation of religion & science
2000 105-115 The Returnee in Japanese Society Lonnie Dufty Types & history of Japanese returning from abroad, psychological and social challenges, Japanese insularity, integration into local church, returnees, returnee questionnaire
2000 116-118 Black Gospel Ministry Ron Rucker Black Gospel music boom in Japan
2000 119-120 Jublilee 2000: The Biblical and Best Hope for a More Human 21st Century Michael Hohn Vespers. International loan forgiveness: “Break the chains of hearts to break the chains of debt.”
2000 121-122 Salt and Light Kenneth Milhous Analogies from synoptic Gospels comparing Christian spiritual life with salt and light
2000 123 Knowing and Being a Good Samaritan: A Closing Message Bo Dellming Love God, Love neighbors as self
2001 hayama 2001 Book Title:
The Unseen Face of Japan: Culturally Appropriate Communication of the Gospel
Pages Article Title Author Keywords
2001 5-9 The Way to State Shinto In Comparison with Shrine Shinto Toshifumi Uemura Shinto religion, Japanese religion, Japanese history
2001 10-29 Questioning Assumptions About Japanese Society David Lewis Japanese society, socialization of missionaries, Japanese religion & Christians, guilt & shame,
2001 30-31 Response to Lewis, “Questioning Assumptions” Chris Momose Japanese guilt & shame, tent maker missionaries, Japanese Christians
2001 32-48 Breaking Down Barriers David Lewis Japanese religious rituals in corporate context, ancestor worship
2001 49-50 Response to Lewis, “Breaking Down Barriers” Chris Momose Christian response to corporate rituals and ancestor worship
2001 51-65 Building Bridges David Lewis Japanese culture and individuals like a kaleidoscope,respect for the dead and seniors, purity and pollution, safety and security
2001 66-68 Response to Lewis, “Building Bridges” Chris Momose Respect for the dead and seniors, purity and pollution, safety and security
2001 69-89 Communicating Christ David Lewis Prayer life of the missionary, evangelism, Setsubun, sacrifice, relationships
2001 90-91 Response to Lewis, “Communicating Christ” Chris Momose Limitations of redemptive analgies & history to bring Japanese to Christ
2001 92-116 Funerals as Wonderful Opportunities Peter Clift Christian funerals as a means to witness Christ to Japanese
2001 117-119 Response to Peter Clift’s presentation “Funerals as Wonderful Opportunities” Kenny Joseph Failure of Christians to respond to opportunity to minister through funerals
2001 120-121 Closing Message: The Holy Spirit and Cross Cultural Communication: Acts 2:1-12 Kenneth Milhous Acts 2:1-12, principles from Pentecost that apply to missions in Japan